Saturday, 31 January 2015

Firefox update and plug-ins

My computer has been haranguing me today. It's hot, and it's getting old, and so it's also starting to get slow. I'm personally looking forward to the day when I'm so slow that all of my laptop functions seem incredibly quick. Old-age here I come.

But the problems I've been having lately aren't to do with its speed. It's to do with the latest update, which I can't install.

Not due to incompetence or incompatibility settings. No, I could have a reasonable crack at the second, and if I had the first I wouldn't have installed any of the previous updates, or indeed be able to turn my laptop on.

The problem is that there's one plug-in that I use that isn't going to work in the new version. And, oh sure, they say they'll let me know as soon as it's been updated. They say these things. But what do they really mean? Where's my forwards compatibility now Windows?

I have a range of plug-ins that I could live without. There's a nice plug-in that I use to protect my computer when it's visiting sites that it shouldn't visit. And a double plug-in layer of protection for when my computer is visiting sites that it REALLY shouldn't visit.

I could happily expose my computer to everything that the wild west deep web of the internet has to offer. But the plug-in that makes it a tiny bit easier to do a job ten times a day and which I could easily devise a workaround for if a put a little effort in?

I'm not into putting effort in.

So I laugh at your attempts to bully me into updating my system just by saying I'm old and irrelevant, Mozilla. You're staying right where you are.

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