Monday, 26 January 2015

Weight Loss

Well, the second day of dieting turned out to be a lot easier than the first. Usually that's not the case. Usually the second day is harder as I no longer have the full stomach of the binge-before-dieting day to live off of.

However, this second day of dieting I had a marvellous stroke of luck.

At 7.30am I was working away, busy as a slow and lazy beaver, and wondering how much longer I could hold out before I really needed to eat breakfast. At 8.00am I was thankful that I still hadn't managed it as my stomach chose that moment to decide to taste life on the outside.

I chewed grimly at a couple of crackers to see if they were going to make peace and part the waves of nausea, but they just gave my insides something to feel good about throwing back out.

One panicked phonecall to my darling later (there was no way I was going to make it a full bus ride) I was on my way home.

Sometime during the car ride (and thanks Bishopdale roundabout for choosing today of all days to close yourself off and force an interminable detour on us) my stomach upset made the decision to head south. I got in through the front door and into the bathroom just in time to catch off the basement delivery.

I've managed to keep a few more crackers down since then, and tomorrow I may even try for a full meal once more, but tonight I don't think I'm going to push my luck.

Cups of milky tea to keep my hydrated should see me right.

I'm rather looking forward to the third day of dieting. I really think I've got the hang of this thing.

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  1. For heaven's sake, don't drink milk when you have nausea! Weak tea will do the trick. Good luck. A heck of a way to diet, isn't it!