Sunday, 4 January 2015


I have been subsumed by work today, so coming home I wanted to think about my garden and the lovely weather we've been having, rather than the little cubicles in which I spend a lot of my waking life.

To that end here is a lovely picture of a tree:

It's a Eucalyptus tree, which you'll be able to tell from this photo which points up where the leaves are:

And just in case you need a point of reference for its size:

They grow 'em big down South.

BTW this is not one of those pictures that always seem to surface in the police search of the bedroom of the aggreived partner where the head of the dearly departed is scratched out. No! This is just a measure to protect the innocent.

This tree is not native to New Zealand, but does seem to pop up all over the place. If you want to see it flourishing in its Native Land I've helpfully attached a photo below:

Ha-ha. I laugh at your puny Eucalyptus and your giant, cuddly rodents.

Now that my trans-Tasman rivalry has been sated I can show you a picture of a gigantic rose:

A pleasant memory from wandering around the Queenstown Botanic Gardens on Boxing Day, back when I was on holiday. Sigh.

And yes you're quite right to point out it's not actually a giant rose, it's a standard size old-fashioned full-olfactory rose in close up. That's as zoomy as my phone gets.

Well, wasn't that a nice walk through the garden? I almost feel relaxed enough to think about going back to work tomorrow.

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