Thursday, 8 January 2015


I listened to the final episode of Serial today.

This has made me fairly happy and fairly sad. Happy because I've been waiting to find out what happens, and sad because they're just saying it will be back in 2015 and that could be anytime in the next twelve months.

My family motto is "We solve problems by patience." I don't solve a lot of problems. I may be adopted.

I really don't understand why people haven't already made all of the tv programs and all of the books and all of the movies and all of the radio podcasts that I'd ever want to listen to and enjoy reading and love watching so that I had it readily available to do it all now. Or later, if I feel like it.

And why do I only ever want new things? There's probably a ton of old movies and old programs and old computer games that would perfectly satisfy my craving to never be the slightest bit bored. But I don't watch it.

And why does this only ever strike me when something good ends? I'm not left bereft and frustrated at the end of Project Runway or Hell's Kitchen or The Amazing Race or Survivor. Even when the wrong people win.


Another thing to add to my list of stuff that isn't coming soon enough for my liking. Along with the second seasons of True Detective and Happy Valley, and the first season of Utopia (the Dennis Kelly one, not the Aussie comedy. Or the US Reality Show. Do you people not check IMDB before you name stuff?)

Not to mention the sixth season of Breaking Bad and The Wire. I bet those'll be a doozy.

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  1. I was feeling sad this morning, I came to your blog rather randomly through twitter, and you made me laugh - thankyou! I then bought a copy of your book, so, hey, look, blogging works ^^.