Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Readdicting to Coke

Yeah, okay, I didn't really give it up for much more than a few weeks. First of all my Team Leader brought me a carton as a lovely Christmas gift. And after that ran out I would hold out for a few days at a time, and then give in and rush the vending machine.

This has become worse this week because we've been allowed to use the stairwells to access downstairs again, rather than trekking through the other building. And that's with having one day off sick (unrelated to Coke.)

Today it seems likely that this is one addiction that I'm not ready to beat. I've found a new use for them.

Headache cures!

I don't know why sticking a can of Coke Zero to my forehead should gently ease the onesided eye-watering head thumper that I get on and off. I can only affirm that it does.

The cold. The wet (it's an old vending machine.) The thought that as soon as my forehead warms it up it'll be ready to be drunk.

Ohhhhhh. So. Good.

I'm also betting that whatever evils the goodness of Coke is meant to bring to my body (thus far unproven) cannot possibly be as bad as the copious tomes dedicated to the evils that Paracetomol will bring to my liver, and Aspirin or Nurofen will bring to my stomach ulcer (proven.)

Therefore I am choosing to readdict myself to the wonders of Coke.

And I'm proud to say this is due to wanting my body to remain a temple of health.

Open happiness.

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