Thursday, 15 January 2015


At the beginning of the week I was a busy beaver. I read through my physical proofs and discovered dozens of mistakes that some dick of a writer had not managed to pick up yet.

To be fair my editor, who professionally proofread it, also missed these errors. That may have had something to do with the hundreds of other errors that she did find. She discovered the forest, I found the trees. We're all happy.

I then uploaded the content into Createspace and had another fight with it. The last time took me nearly two days, this time it was only a couple of hours. I hate books, I hate books, I hate books.

Anyway, paperbacks ordered and online catalogued up, the sole task remaining to me on Wednesday night was to amend the Kindle version as well.

Unlike Createspace what you see on the Kindle version before you upload, is what you get. There's no mysterious adjustments mid upload, or pieces of data going missing in the cloud. There's also not a bunch of blank pages forcing their way into slots 10-12 just to annoy a much-put-upon writer who already has a day job to get her to the end of her tether. She doesn't need help from her hobby thank you very much.

So, maybe 10-15 minutes tops. I just needed to do that, and then I could sit back and relax and worry about the advertising, and marketing, and selling, and weather.

10-15 minutes that I was going to do as soon as I got home from work on Thursday. And then later that night. I was definitely going to fit it in before I started work. And in my lunch break. I could squeeze it into my afternoon tea break. But for sure I was going to get it up and loaded as soon as I got home tonight. Or before I had to sit down and work on my blog.

I'm now going to tackle it tomorrow morning. Being a Saturday the whole day is clear so I'll do it nice and early and get it out of the way. Pretty early. After the shopping maybe. And then the dishes. And then the vacuuming. And the washing. And the television watching. And another episode of the wolf among us.

And if not Saturday, then Sunday. Next week maybe.

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