Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Personal Achievements

Don't you find it annoying when you accomplish something which you've found really hard, something you've struggled to do, something which you weren't sure you'd ever work out how to achieve, and when you try to explain it to someone they crinkle up their nose and go 'What?'

I know that I shouldn't rely on the approval and regard of others for my self-worth, but when you do something that leaves you flabbergasted at your own cleverness it's hard to have a one-woman party about it. You want a couple of friends to join you so the barman doesn't point you out as the sad sack in the corner and whisper asides when newcomers arrive at the bar.

I could try and share it with you now, but I have a feeling that after typing in the words Sharepoint and Infopath your reading eyes would glaze over and the achievement would likewise be lost.

Or, worse, you'd perk up at the words and then be bemused at my inability to have mastered my achievement previously.


I certainly have a knack at plucking despair out of the jaws of victory.

Never mind. Tomorrow when I arrive at the office I'll open up my computer and bring up my wonderful new list, and then pretend to enter transactions into my joyful new form. And be impressed all over again that I managed to get it to do the things it will do, even if no one else can share them with me.



  1. We all want to be recognized as the real geniuses we are. Remember however that many geniuses aren't recognized until they are dead - sometimes for centuries. So console yourself that 300 years from now someone will say, "Hey, that Katherine was really smart!" (Examples? Van Gogh, most of the Impressionists, a whole bunch of authors, musicians, most violin makers, and me. Only I'm still here and therefore am in the same boat as you!) Love your blog!

    1. Thanks for that. Now I'm hoping that scientific endeavours get us to the point that I'm still alive in 300 years when they start to say it. Wouldn't that be something?