Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hot Air

When I looked towards today I thought that it might suck because everything I packed up so labouriously on Friday had to be unpacked.

That was still true, and as expected it did indeed suck.

There was another added gem tossed into the ring, however. Air conditioning. Or lack thereof.

Annoyingly enough, if the entire floor's worth of air conditioning had gone down then men in overalls would've been dispatched into the ceiling nooks and crannies to tinker away until it restarted. Because only half of the floor's air conditioning went down we instead had to live with it.

We looked through the heat shimmers towards the middle of the building where an oasis of cool air breathed regularly down on the chosen ones while they went about their daily tasks without sweat stains spreading in ever-widening circles on their work uniforms.

I myself went and talked to people (talked! To people!) just to have a chance to sit in the cool and refreshing air. Air that wasn't laden with the sweat of the downtrodden. Air that wasn't hanging heavy and stagnant and refusing to impart oxygen in the lungs that heaved long and hard to breathe it in.

If the air-conditioning doesn't get its A back into G tomorrow then instead of going and having long talks with people our hot and sweaty group may take knives.

Just sayin'.

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