Friday, 16 January 2015


The neighbours over the road still have their Christmas decorations up in their window. This isn't too much of a shock, it isn't even the end of January. We've only taken down all of the Christmas decorations in the office because we're moving to a different floor in a week's time, and we've been packing up everything that isn't a carbon-based life form.

So it was a bit of a surprise at the supermarket this morning to see that they've moved on. Our next public holiday is Waitangi Day, but apparently that's too difficult to celebrate with foodstuffs. They've gone directly to Easter and they haven't passed GO.

Hershey's chocolate Easter buns were taking up pride of place in the bakery, and there was a shopping trolley full of Cadbury Creme Eggs right next to the 'Everything inside for $1.00' trolley full of tinsel. Sad, sad tinsel.

Last week I swore blind that I was going to walk home every night. I couldn't on Monday because I had a meeting that ran late, and I told myself it would worry my darling too much if I didn't turn up home on time, so I caught the bus.

I came home to find my proofs had arrived, so rather than walk home for the next couple of nights I also took the bus so that I had extra time with my correction pen.

The bus driver on Tuesday night was new. He was so new that I had to look twice to make sure that a pre-teen hadn't climbed into the driver's seat as a bit of a prank.

The seasons are rushing by fast. The workers I encounter on a day-to-day basis seem to be getting younger and younger.

I think I've reached that certain age.

Either that, or supermarkets are profit Nazis that think the religious holidays are just a money-spinning exercise, and the bus service has finally convinced it's pensioners to retire and make way for the younger generations.

Either, or.

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