Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Brain Fade

I do believe that although my body has returned from holiday my brain may have overslept its alarm and is still safely on leave.

I do often stare out of the window; when I'm thinking, when I'm trying to remember something, when I would rather risk being fired for staring out of windows than face the computer screen with the spreadsheet on it one moment longer.

But at least on those occasions there's some thought going on somewhere. For the last couple of days I've been staring out the window because my entire mind is wiped clean and my body is blankly responding to the light.

I tried to do something today. I told myself in my sternest internal voice to stop dithering and look up the information I needed before my concentration went on a merry-go-round and forgot to get off when it stopped. Did it listen?

Sadly it did but with little result. I stared in furious concentration at the computer screen looking at a folder listing without the slightest idea of which folder would be the correct one to double click on to do the thing connected with the other thing that I...

When I came back to myself I was staring out of the window.

I'm not helped in this situation by having no companions at work at the moment which has meant I'm doing the tasks for 1.7 people plus .5 of a person in my new role for a grand total of 2.2 people's work. (Luckily I can still add!)

But I'm currently performing at only .337 of a person.

You can do the subtraction to work out the net failing of the demand yourself while I go back to staring out of the window.

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