Monday, 16 March 2015

The 5:2 diet

In my quest to try every diet fad at least once before shaking my head and going "it's just not safe," and pretending that it wasn't the ravenous hunger, or the carb cravings that turned the tables, I have recently embarked on the 5:2 diet.

Also known as the Fast Diet (which just makes it all the more attractive 'cause only the bad boys of the diet world go under a pseudonym) it basically consists of eating normally for five days, and being on restricted calories for two.

I realise that by saying "basically" above I may have misled you all into believing that there is a deeper and more complex premise awaiting your discovery, and that ain't so. In this case the basic version is the version, and everything else is just personal experience or evidence based results.

Now, usually when I embark on a fad diet full of a mix of hope and cynicism I clean out the cupboards of all non-fad diet food related items (admittedly by eating them, but clean them out anyway) and then embark on my hunger and craving phase.

For this diet I don't need to do this, because no food is disallowed.

That's rather brilliant in and of itself because now I'm not behoven to any particular food group I don't need to worry about not being allowed all the others.

Anyway, I started this diet on Friday and it went really well the first day. And then on Saturday it also went well. Sunday was just cruisy. Today, however, I started to experience some of its drawbacks.

This may be a design flaw in the diet, it may be a design flaw in me. It may be that Friday, Saturday and Sunday belonged to the five day part of the diet, and today belonged to the two.

It could be anything.

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  1. Having done the 5/2 diet two or three times at different periods over the last year or so, with my wife presently doing it, in fact, I know this one well. Requires a bit of discipline to cope with the '5' days...the '2' days are actually easier!