Sunday, 22 March 2015


No matter how many years I do accounts solely on a computer, whenever something goes wrong (and usually horribly wrong) I have to print it out and tick it off, item by item.

When I started work back in the 80s there was still the dream of the paperless office floating around.

At work we currently have two screens just so we can look at the "paperwork" on one, and the entry screen on the other.

And if something goes wrong with the processing? We print it out.

When I'm doing my final proofread, do I perform it on a Kindle, which is the library which I read most of my books from?


I order a physical copy of the book, and sit down with a ballpoint and a highlighter to pick up all of the errors that myself and my editor had no hope of seeing in an online copy.

Damn if there isn't some strange substance in paper that makes errors spring out from the page and yell "here I am."

And that paperless office is still a pipe dream that our physical storage company is hoping will never come to pass.

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