Monday, 30 March 2015

Insult to injury

In order to take my mind off the horrendous pain swamp that my throat and chest have become, I spent a nice quarter hour today googling my books.

This is an excellent pastime, and I highly recommend everyone immediately undertakes it. Found, near water and Skeletal BTW.

While happily strolling around the lanes of the internet I came across a curious note that I hadn't seen before. It went something like this:

Want to download Found near water. Does anyone know where I could find it?

Well. I'm quite excited. First of all, someone has heard of my book. Second of all, they're wanting to read it enough to put in a little bit of effort. Not the effort of spending money and all, but some effort.

I don't really mind. I grew up taking books out of the library for exactly nada, so if someone wants to spend the same discovering my work they're welcome. After all, I grew up to be a person who quite happily buys books by her favourite authors as soon as they release them. I can only presume the freeloader of today will be the fan of tomorrow.

My not really minding came to a halt at the next comment however.

Too long and a bit boring.

WTF??? My book??? The short and interesting one???

How rude! I take back everything about not minding the poverty stricken freeloaders, and replace it immediately with hate and lawsuits.

Copyright infringement is one thing, tasteless reviews are quite another.

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