Friday, 20 February 2015


I don't know why, but when you're on holiday and it gets to Saturday it all seems like such an imposition.

We went out for our morning walk on the Port Hills this morning, and there were a whole lot of other people who hadn't been there during the week.

We went out during the day, and the roads were full of cars.

At our neighbours' houses there are children laughing and playing. Before 3.00pm!

Honestly, I usually love Saturdays as much as the next person, but they're like the world's holiday. When you get used to having just your own little holiday going on, it's just too crowded.

Not to mention that it also means there's only one more full day and then some people are probably expecting me to turn up to work. In the morning. In a fit state!

Hmmmmm. I bet next Saturday feels a whole lot better. This one just seems like a bit of a waste.

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  1. Love the perspective! It's true that when you're on holiday, you don't like to see ordinary goings-on. It can take the "special" away. Thanks for this!