Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A beary nice surprise

Curly Bear looked the little baby bear up and down, then shook his head. He was so confused.

'Why is he here?'

Fluffy Bear looked taken aback. 'You didn't expect me to leave him at home alone, did you?' He inquired. 'My baby boy is only a few hours old.'

Curly Bear shook his head again. He just couldn't take it all in.

'I didn't realise that you were, hmmmm, expecting?'

Fluffy frowned. 'Then what were all those cracks you were making about me being extra fluffy lately?'

Curly Bear felt even more confused. None of this made any sense, and everything he said just seemed to make it a little bit worse.

He looked behind Fluffy to where Skeletal was taking pride of place in the bookshelf. He should be out flogging a few copies so that people could discover its genius. That was his job, after all. He understood that perfectly.

He'd take one last crack at understanding why there was suddenly a little brown bear in their midst, and then he was going out to sell. 'How is your partner feeling about all this?'

It was obvious from the fury on Fluffy Bear's face that he'd put his paw into it again. Curly's head drooped as he waited for the onslaught.

'You know I don't have a partner,' Fluffy said curtly. 'It's hard enough being a single mum these days, without you rubbing it in.'

Curly sighed, then balanced a stack of books in his paws and went out the door. Signed paperback copies of Skeletal were only $20.00, and an unbelievable $3.99 on Kindle.

It was much better to just concentrate on his job and put everything else out of his mind. He shook his head one last time though. He could've sworn that Fluffy was a male bear.

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