Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The best holiday

Much as I love my darling (a loaded sentence beginning if ever I heard one) I still can't get around the fact that the best type of holiday is the one that you take by yourself.

Maybe that's my selfishness shining through, but there's something truly lovely about waking up in the morning and having no one to please but yourself.

The reason may be that I moved straight from my parent's house to my darling's, or it could just be that everyone who lives full-time with someone needs a break sometimes. It's not that I kick him out or anything, just spend the day at home while he goes to work.

I do love holidaying together as well. Our trip last September was probably the best vacation we've had in years, and I did enjoy every darling-filled moment. The thing is, even when you're relaxing together you've still got to consider someone else's feelings every time you make a decision.

I want some ice cream. I'll have some ice cream. Why is he staring at me like that? Do you think he may also want some ice cream? Am I meant to offer him some of my ice cream? Why doesn't he just get his own ice cream?

The stress can get to you.

And, to be fair, I thought this was an understanding we shared. There have certainly been numerous occasions where I have struggled to work while my darling has lazed at home. Calling me during the day to remind me of how wonderful the noon-day sun is when you're outside on the lounger. The b*****d.

But apparently he doesn't feel the same way.

I have been looking forward to Monday and Tuesday next week. I have been looking forward to them for a long time. I have a full two weeks worth of holiday, but I have been particularly looking forward to the first Monday and Tuesday of it.

Can you guess why?

Full marks to the lady in the corner - I was indeed planning on spending those two days alone at home while my darling was being a banker somewhere.

I was going to wake up, in the morning maybe, and then I was going to... followed by a bit of... but nothing holding me to that because I might also need a bit of...

And then I walked through the door this evening to the surprise announcement that 'If we don't have enough work next week I've offered to take a couple of day's holiday on Monday and Tuesday.'

Who are you, and what have you done with my soul-mate?

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