Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Job Interviews

I have one looming tomorrow. The only bright spot is I only found out today so at least I haven't been brooding about it for weeks on end. Just hours. Hours and hours and hours and hours of brooding. My darling is truly impressed.

I've read through some trial questions and come to the conclusion that I shouldn't be trying out for new roles. 'Think about a successful business and why you think it's successful.'

I can't think of a successful business. I can't think of a business. WHAT'S A BUSINESS? Does the business I work for count? Is it successful? If it is successful and it does count as a business why is that so? Does the answer 'because it sells stuff' work as an answer?

There'll be no sleep tonight, I can tell you.

The last time I went for an interview the feedback I received later was that I'd talked more than the interviewees had expected. I had kind of guessed that myself as when I was a third of the way through my 'behavioural' answer both of them had stopped taking notes, and halfway through one of them put her pad down on the table.

I might try for the opposite approach this time. One-word answers. Sweet.

There's a single, glorious spot tonight at the wonderful Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews. As is now traditional with any blog with reference to a review - there won't be one. Carry on.

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