Saturday, 6 December 2014

Free promotional blogging

I received an offer through my email yesterday saying that I could receive free promotion around Christmas if I wrote a high-quality blog about my book. This is a great opportunity for someone still in the red on her hobby serious book-selling career.

There were a few conditions of course - you can't be promoting people's blogs willy-nilly you know. People have a tendency to find weak spots in any plan and exploit them, or are just so inappropriate by birth and upbringing that they can't help but do the opposite of what you intended.

So here was the first condition. It must be about your book. This was implied in the first part of the offer which was to give free promotional tweets each week to members who create blog posts about their book, but you can't be too careful because - refer above.

Fine. I shall insert book reference immediately - Found, Near Water is a great book and you should definitely buy it here; and if you can't afford it you should download load it for free in return for a review here (and hurry - only four days left!)

Reference to book - tick.

Include pictures. This wasn't specific about what the focus of the pictures should be, but I'm going to make a great bit fat assumption that it's either meant to be of me...
Or my book...

(That's my favourite action shot there. I especially like the flame.)

Pictures - tick.

And then we move onto the requirement for it to be written with short paragraphs (automatic tick - the more I insert a new paragraph and white space the less I actually have to think of and write down) and a readable font (18 point or above).


18pt. This text is 18pt. Readable - Yes. Something I'm actually going to do on my blog site - No.

I presume that they meant 18px. Attention to detail people.

The last sentence mentioned that they aimed to encourage high-quality blogging. They didn't elucidate how that was meant to be achieved through the reference to books, the inclusion of photos, the shortness of paragraphs, and the good-god-are-you-people-blind errors in font sizes. So I gave up.

It's time to go to bed anyhow, I'll look into more free promotional opportunities tomorrow.

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