Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas posted

Only one week to go and I'm all sorted. Today I braved the elements and went outside in a howling gale to inch my way to the post-shop. Carrying a 45cm square box in a howling gale is not the easiest of tasks - my arm went flying straight out to my side more than once. I hope it was as amusing to anybody watching as it felt like to me.

But I managed. If I didn't get the package in the mail today, then the laughingly described 2-3 day postal service wouldn't arrive in time for Christmas. And then I would be a BAD AUNTY. I hope now it gets there in time and therefore I'll be a GREAT AUNTY.

I'm so good that this year I didn't even play with it unbox the present to make sure all the component parts were in there. I have sent a virgin drone to my nephew.

It will admittedly be incredibly embarrassing now if the present is opened on Christmas Day and it doesn't work.

However, I will be at the other end of the country at the time so it possibly won't affect me much at all.

We do have one more Christmas present to organise. This one involves posting ourselves down to Queenstown for some festivities, sans luggage for some insane penny-pinching reason. Half-way through the walk to the post office this actually seemed like an easier feat - but with the package safely dispatched it's starting to weigh on my mind again.

I'm hoping it's a cold day and I can wear two to three layers of clothing so I have some options down there. If you catch me at the airport looking extremely rotund that's almost certainly the reason.

Almost certainly.

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