Monday, 29 December 2014


Yesterday I woke up with an incredible pain in my back. This is not unusual, I find it difficult to fall asleep but once I'm there boy I don't wake up for nobody.

If it's just a sleep related injury though, it usually dissipates in an hour or so. The worst part is trying to get out of bed when you have to move the back you know is locked in position out of position. Sometimes I fall asleep again trying to work up the physical courage.

This turned out not to be a usual sleep-related injury though. After a couple of hours with no relief, I tried taking some painkillers. After a couple of hours with no relief from those either, I tried complaining a lot.

And then to my horror I woke up with the same pain this morning.

It genuinely feels like someone has twisted both of my arms behind me, and then kicked repeatedly at my upper back.

I've been keeping a careful eye on my darling. He's denying all knowledge of it, but there's no one else in the house now is there?

Complaints recommenced this morning and have been continuing pretty much unabated for the rest of the day. The only bright point so far is that I've groaned my way out of some exercise this morning and this evening, and will continue to do so until I'm fully well (and then a further week or so just to ensure I don't have a relapse.)

Luckily, I've had lots of editing to keep me occupied, and lots of television to partially watch. I've also been running a Kindle Countdown sale so my main focus of attention has been hitting the refresh button on my screen to see if I've clocked up any new sales. Such fun.

I'll give it another couple of days, and if it's still not healed up I may have to think about sometime making an appointment to see a doctor maybe.

I'm back to work on Monday so that would probably be the most appropriate day.


  1. Hi Katherine! Have you, by any chance, spent a lot of time either A. sitting hunched over or B. carrying something/someone?
    I get that exact pain. It was particularly bad when I was working as a nanny for a little boy who was really freaking heavy. Luckily, hubby is a massage therapy.
    To help your back, you'll need your hubby.
    Lie on your back and have him firmly press down on both of your shoulders, stretching your chest muscles. If it sounds like your back is cracking, don't freak out. Once you've stretch your chest muscles, roll over and have him press on either side of your spine where it hurts the worst. IF you can handle the pressure, your back will probably make some scary cracking sounds BUT it will give you relief from the pain.

  2. That was awesome. There was a loud crack and now I can look to my left and right again. Thanks very much for your help. I might have to enroll my darling in a massage therapy course.

    1. the power of the internet! Glad it helped :) I think 90% of hubby's massage talent comes from his decade as a pro-athlete rather than his rather dubious college, though