Saturday, 25 October 2014

Sad, sad girl.

Guess what I've been doing for the past couple of hours. Go on, guess.

Hah! Not likely. No, I've been doing work.

Yup. It's a Saturday night and I've been sitting on my sofa for the last couple of hours working out the complex differences between two very similar wording extensions to Material Damage cover because I received an email during my course yesterday that I am leaving until next week to deal with but which caught my interest so much that instead I had to look it up tonight.

I know. I'm uber cool. And I get invited to all the right parties. If your definition of a party is not one.

But at least now I know. I know the difference between one PP code definition and another PP code definition and what cover they were meant to offer on our office's computer system. While they may appear the same to the uninitiated I can now give you their entire history as well as when the appropriate changes were not made, or were made in error, which led to the confusion in the first place.

What is the difference, I hear you ask (because I'm prone to auditory hallucinations in the evening) and BTW what's a PP code while you're at it?

And the fact that you have to ask the second question leads me directly to the conclusion that you're not yet ready to hear the answer to the first. Another day perhaps. When you haven't stopped reading from mind-numbing boredom.

There, I'll leave you. Perhaps to go out on an exciting adventure where I throw caution to the wind and take the bull by the horns. Perhaps to go to bed early with a smile on my face because I solved a small riddle that concerned no one but me.

Good night.

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