Thursday, 30 October 2014

#JoyDivision Live after Death

Ticketmaster gave me a delightful surprise the other day. Almost 35 years after Ian Curtis's death (if the Ian Curtis Memorial Wall in Wellington has its dates right once again) I get the chance to listen to Joy Division music performed live. Almost the way it was meant to be.

I was overjoyed. I missed out on Peter Hook's last tour when he and his band performed Joy Division music for the first time in far too long. It's hard to be on the lookout for things that you don't ever believe will happen.

This time, at least, I was ready. If lightning strikes once...

I probably should mention about now that my darling is not so enamoured with the dear departed. He can easily recognise Never Tear Us Apart or Atmosphere, but through sheer force of repetition not love. I don't think he'd know an Atrocity Exhibition even if I showed him the way to step inside.

Keeping this in mind I debated the best way to handle the conversation that would necessarily ensue. I'm not going alone to a pub I've never been in before even if it is to listen to an echo of my best memories. And not just because I still can't drive...

So lets start with the standard.

Would you like to...?

Okay. Not my best work. Perhaps best not to ask such an obviously closed question.

If I was dying what band do you think I would most like to see perform live?

Mmmmmmm. Better. But sure to elicit a swathe of questions that would take us completely off topic.

Whilst debating how to ask my darling to a concert he most certainly doesn't want to go to, I purchased the tickets. You know. Just in case they sold out. It's not like I'm making the decision for him.

But this led me to believe that a question may be the wrong path.

'Congratulations!' I said. 'We're going to an awesome concert in February, and I've already shouted you the tickets!'

And then I left the room.

I may go back in someday.

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