Friday, 10 October 2014

#Amwriting and hitting the home stretch baby

About the 1st July (my birthday - why do I do these things to myself) I enthusiastically started writing the first draft of my latest novel. I was awesomely confident that I would have this finished by the end of July, or a few weeks after that at the latest.

After a few wrong turns and a lot of pauses to do things like design covers for the book I still haven't written I'm pleased to announce that I'm almost pretty much nearly finished!

Wow. I thought this day would never almost very-close-to-being-here come.

A mere 10k to go-ish. Or 8-10 hours worth of full-on #1k1h sessions (which I always try to 1.2-1.5k because I'm competitive even when it's just with me.) Unless something unexpected happens that elongates a few bits and pieces unexpectedly. Lord I hope that doesn't happen, unless it's in a sort of all enthusiastic get it all down before it disappears into the ether case of binge-writing. That's okay because it takes about the same amount of time, give or take.

I've just got to get **** into the **** and cut off the **** so that the **** from **** can see the **** and make the connection with **** thereby tying up all the loose little strings into one large emotional **** of an ending.


So that old saying about everyone has one novel in them but few have two might soon almost nearly not apply to me.

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