Sunday, 15 May 2016

Verbal Pictures

Last week when my darling and I made our weekly pilgrimage to the Supermarket, I noticed there was a sign on the ground next to the underground parking entrance.

It was in the branded colours of the main Supermarket signs but had been taken down and tossed to one side because it was broken in half.

A sign above the entrance to the underground carpark was gleaming white with a new sign look. The dust buildup that would soon mar its surface like it does every other sign in the mall parking lot lay in its future. For now, it was the closest to pristine that a sign in an outdoor area could ever be.

The new sign proudly proclaimed that “vehicles over the height of 2.1m won’t fit into the underground parking garage.” It is hung off chains that I presume allow it to rest at a height of 2.1m as a physical warning.

I thought to myself, ha! Someone with a vehicle over the height of 2.1m tried to get into the underground parking building and wrecked the sign.

I further thought, they’re just lucky that the sign was there to begin with and that was all they wrecked.

I took another step and saw the writing on the first sign stated “vehicles over the height of 2.2m . . .”

As my woodwork teacher always told me, “measure twice, cut once.”

Or, in this case, “measure once, accidentally cause someone to wreck their vehicle by not putting the correct height on the sign and pay a higher excess on your insurance for the next year.”

Of course, I could’ve taken a picture of this scene and let you discover the delicious revelations for yourselves, but I forgot to take my phone out and snap the scene.

It did occur to me later and I reminded my darling to remind me to snap a photo on our way in this week, but I was too late. The old sign has been cleared away.

Just a reminder that it’s always better to take a photo and delete it later, than try to explain to someone in a thousand words what you could’ve just shown them. Dangnammit.

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