Sunday, 31 January 2016

Hot and Trending

Even though I’m meant to be on holiday at the moment, sunning myself and eating as much ice-cream as my budget and my waistline will allow, I’ve fallen into the trap of keeping tabs on the book I have listed on Kindle Scout.

Every hour, at fifteen minutes past the hour, I lean forward and refresh the website to see if my book is still on the Hot and Trending list. At night, I force myself to stay awake until the NZ equivalent of 11.25pm to check the statistics of the day just gone.

It’s funny, but no matter how many times I see books that haven’t spent much time on the Hot and Trending list get picked up for publication, while books that have stuck at the top for their entire month get passed over, it’s still a list I want to be on.

Human nature isn’t it? If a scoreboard exists, I want to appear at the top. Being at the head of the pack may mean nothing in the end, but it’s comforting right now.

At least, it’s comforting when I’m on there. There’ve been a few slipups as my campaign has progressed, I’ve endured a few tense hours, but I’ve clawed my way back on there thanks to the lovely people nominating my book or saving for later.

Well, I’ve decided tonight that this has to stop. Hot and Trending be damned, I want to focus on Hot and Sunbathing. Hot and Swimming. Hot and Ice-creaming.

After all, there're only another six days to go. How disastrous could things possibly get?**

(**rhetorical question only, please do not answer me) 


  1. Enjoy your summer while you can. I'm back at work. I can understand why you can't resist checking out the score, I'd probably do the same, but I agree you should be swimming and snoozing and eating ice cream. Either you sell your book or you don't. If you don't, try another publisher. Join Sisters in Crime if you haven't, they'll have some ideas. And rest! Work will start all too soon.

    1. Thanks, Sue. I'm trying very hard to take this advice :)