Saturday, 5 December 2015

My and that inflation

Filled with dynamic energy earlier this week, I decided to film a video of myself to pop onto my website. I don't have any camera equipment, but everyone else seems perfectly fine using their webcam so I was certain I could too.

After a fight with VLC media player which I still don't entirely understand, I managed to put together a short clip begging asking for potential beta readers for my books in return for early copies and finished copies.

So far, so good.

I had tried at one stage to directly upload into YouTube by pressing record on the site, but for a strange reason it converted my ninety-second video into a sixteen minute punishment. I mean, I know that New Zealanders speak quickly, but that was too much counteraction for my taste.

I uploaded my video, checking three times that I'd switched from Public to Private, and waited for it to process onto the site. All so I could download it again and embed it onto my website.

While waiting, I investigated the site to see if I could remember off the top of my head which of the buttons I was meant to press to obtain the upload link.

I couldn't, but I did find a previously unknown to me source of entertainment known as a transcript.

Poor YouTube has embedded this functionality presumably in an attempt to ensure hearing defective consumers could obtain as much use from their site as anyone else.

I'm not sure they hit their intended target. Witness below what YouTube has decided in its wisdom is a transcript for my short video:

"my and that inflation and I wanted to hear about a way you can receive all of my upcoming box before a the offer is to become a better rate of my books based off this means that you'll receive an advance copy of my book to raid before anybody else had the chance to your loss I get a chance to take anything you don't like about my book so then I can have the opportunity to fix it up before it goes on style examples if a bank might be phrases you don't like character interactions that take too long or go too fast a character whose name you can pronounce all the point at which she threw the book across the room because she just couldn't take anymore but provided feedback form when I find out each book and be stable at you do provide feedback both enjoy a completed copy of the book paperback or ebook your choice so that you can see how your feedback directly interacts with the final product owners you discovered no figures you can always unsubscribe at any time than good get started today by clicking on the subscribe link below."

It did manage to hit the key point of "clicking on the subscribe link below" but what the hell does "my and that inflation" mean?

Even I couldn't work it out and I'd recorded the words just minutes earlier.

Now, I know that not many people in the world have my particular accent and it can be hard to decipher the meaning of some words due to our pronunciation of most vowels as "eh" but still...

"Hi, my name's Katherine Hayton" in no way resembles "My and that inflation."

If you want to observe this video in action yourself then please click the link HERE.

On seconds thoughts please don't. It appears I have some work to do. I might try to record it again and sound more like... what's the word? Those funny things that live in houses. Oh, yeah. Humans. I'll try to sound more human.

Hope you all have a good book to raid...


  1. Katherine, I would love to read pre-release copies of your books. I loved "Breathe and Release". Besides posting reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and my blog, I talk about books I have read at my monthly mystery book club. Gayle

  2. Thanks Gayle, I'll definitely take you up on your offer! My next novel should be ready early January so I'll send you a copy then. Thanks very much :)

  3. Thanks! Merry Christmas and hope you have a great New Year!

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