Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Beach Art

Today, in Mission Beach, we've held a 'Beach Art' competition on the main beach. The contestants each had to pick a spot, and then roll the sand into little balls which they then formed into intricate works of art, with more or less success.

Here's a shot of the practice area so you can understand the basic concept.

Once the contestants got the hang of the process they staked out areas on the sand to try their hand at creation.

This is from one of our juvenile contestants, and won the prize for 'Best First Attempt'

That officially means that no one could work out what the picture was of, but at least he gave it a go.

The next award was given out for an abstract work, which is entitled, 'Warrior on Back of Fire Breathing Dragon.'

Maybe if you tilt your head to the side and squint a little?

Second Runner Up award went to a good effort, albeit a little plain, 'Two Flowers.'

Why, yes. Yes it is.

Next up is the First Runner Up, or the alternative title of First Loser, with a work called, 'Man with Spiky Hair, Pointing Backward.'

Perhaps next year he'll submit under the Abstract section, and be in with a real chance.

Now we're getting down to it. Now we're into prize territory or, at least, bragging rights. Third place went to a lovely piece under the heading of 'Firework.'

Beautiful detail, thought it's apparent that the artist ran out of time to finish completely.

Tied for second are two pieces. I realise that usually this would have knocked out the third place award, but we had a long of young contestants this year and couldn't be bothered explaining the finer points of placing competitions, so hush now. The first of the second place entries is entitled, 'Jellyfish with Trailing Tentacles'

and the second is entitled, 'Flower Bursting Open with Puff of Pollen.'

Oooooh. Aaaaah. Right, enough of the non-winning entries. Onto the main event.

The winner of the Mission Beach Art Award for the 1st September 2015 goes to... (drum roll) 'Dragonfly.'

A truly stunning entry from a challenging field effort. If we try we may be able to catch a word with the winning artist... Sir?


Please, sir. If I could just have a word?

Nope. He's gone. Well, that's the end of the coverage for today. Beach clean-up begins tonight, although the tide should probably have that covered, and we'll start a new competition again tomorrow at mid-tide. See you then.

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