Monday, 6 July 2015

The joys of blocks

On the day before I went on leave last week, a certain staff member who shall remain nameless introduced me to the joys of a game called BlockJam.

I missed out on the Tetris craze, but it seems now that wasn't through strength of will but more through lack of money for the large machines that Tetris was played on when I was a girl.

For I am hooked.

I'm currently editing my latest book, so I happily reward myself for a page or two of editing with a game of BlockJam. This was fine in the beginning when I was useless, but the better I got at making anticipatory decisions about where the blocks should go, the longer each game took.

When I started clocking up around twenty-thousand it started to come in at around twenty minutes. That's a long microbreak in anyone's workplace. Even the slack ones.

After playing for a few days I'd catch myself humming the accompanying music at odd points throughout the night. It annoyed me.

I turned the music off on the app, but I still hum it occasionally because the happy tune is stuck in my head. Just like Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, is stuck in there. It's not pretty in that place. Don't poke it with a stick.

When I close my eyes at night waiting for sleep that's late in coming, I place pink squares on blue squares on orange lines on yellow lines, and smile.

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  1. I tell myself I won't even look at it. Nope, I won't. I get very addicted to games and have too much going on to allow myself that option right now. :)
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