Friday, 31 July 2015

Something happened

When I looked up the other day to see how to get Windows 10 installed on my own timeline (I turned off windows updates years ago because I don't like having anything drop by unannounced, even updates) I noticed that there were a few people reporting there was an error saying 'something happened,' which they couldn't get past.

This was reported in text only, so I made the rather foolish assumption that they meant there was a more specific error which meant that something happened which stopped the upgrade.

Oh no. That would be too easy. If you haven't had the pleasure yet, welcome to the most helpful Windows error message yet:

Way to waste my time Windows 10. I don't mean providing me with unenlightening messages that look like they might have started life as a program placeholder to come back to later (or not as it turned out), I just Googled the answer to that conundrum and was done with it.

No, the bit that took the time was finding the hashtag on twitter and reading the random nonsense that this particularly existential explanation had spawned.

I hold a strong belief that people are at their best when they're mocking. It truly releases fonts of creativity that would otherwise go untapped. To appreciate this, it's essential that every last sarcastic comment is read.

So, thank you Windows. Thank you for releasing such glorious fodder to the creative geniuses of our current generation.


  1. Yeah - I've heard a lot of bad comments about Windows 10, but appreciated your exchange so much more!
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  2. This is what I call the Blue Screen of Duh. I don't expect that name to catch on, though.