Friday, 3 July 2015

Double-edged swords

When my darling and I fall in love with a television show we immediately face a conundrum.

When you truly, truly love something you want it never to end but you also want it all the time.

When the love you have is for a limited supply, that can cause a few issues.

Just this last week, we began watching a show for which we had access to the entire first season at once. God loves cable. We watched the first episode and thought it was good. We watched the second and thought it was great. We watched the third, the fourth, and the fifth and thought it was a top rating show. Within our household anyway.

Since then we haven't watched any episodes. There are only five left. We're halfway through, and this is a great show. How did we squander so much so soon when we have so little?

So, although we love the show and have access to new episodes we can't look at them.

It's not as bad as it is with QI. We save those episodes as they screen, and then parcel them out less than one per month so we never run out. We don't understand how people can safely live their lives without having constant access to new episodes of QI. It needs to be there when we need it.

Recently, we misjudged a series. We had two full seasons, and because the next season is due to start in August, we watched them with abandon.

We have none left.


I do occasionally miss the sweet old-fashioned days of television when to watch a show you had to be on the right channel at the time it was broadcast, or hope like hell that it would be repeated in a few years at a better time.

There are so many choices now. So many decisions to be made and every episode watched could spell future disaster. It's a tough life.


  1. I'm not sure what show you are talking about, since you haven't specified (NAMES! I NEED NAMES!) but I understand the binging then stopping.
    I will also counter your 'DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT IS UNTIL AUGUST?' with my own 'DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT IS UNTIL JANUARY?' and the next season of Banshee...
    We have been watching Empire (TV2, Tuesday nights) but acquired the whole season which we will finish watching way before season 2 comes (end of September...). Also, doing a full rewatch of Orange Is The New Black before we watch season 3. Sometimes a rewatch helps pass the time until the next season. (not always).

  2. I've had a few shows where I felt like I couldn't wait for them to restart. Especially with the ones that leave you hanging at the end of a season. :)
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