Friday, 26 June 2015

Things that go bump in the day

This morning got off to a great start. I sprang out of bed, took one step forward, and then somehow ended up on my side on the bed going 'Wha?'

My darling disputes this. He doesn't think I took one step forward.

Vertigo strikes again.

So annoying when you think you're getting better only to have a relapse to a worse condition that you started with. I also wish my anti-nausea tablets were anti-fall tablets.

I mean, my balance is not the best thing in the world to be starting with - I still can't walk on my treadmill without holding both handles in a death grip - but I can usually stand. You know, in the same spot. With my eyes closed briefly.

No longer. Gravity exerts a much stronger pull than my puny balance can fight against.

I have discovered that it's no longer safe to apply moisturisers. Not because of all the harsh chemicals inside them - oatmeal for example - but because to apply moisturiser I have to take off my glasses and close my eyes for a couple of seconds.

This is not possible. I went down like a... a... thing going down quickly.

I also managed to hit the side of my beautiful, beautiful face on my darling's bedroom drawers. (So in essence this is really his fault.)

If I'd had my glasses on I may have needed to use my spares for a while but my face would've been protected in its downwards dive.

But you can't apply moisturiser with glasses on. At least, I can't.

So now I have an egg on my eyebrow and an enlarged cheekbone. On the bright side I saw a glimpse of what my face would look like if my parents had better bone structure. It makes my skin look smooth and taut.

Maybe I should take up boxing for a regular beauty treatment.

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  1. Oh, Katherine - I'm so sorry for all this trouble you've been having. The doctor told my husband when he first gets up to sit on the edge of the bed until he doesn't feel dizzy; then stand next to the bed until he doesn't feel dizzy before he begins walking. Maybe that will help you too. :)
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