Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I was watching a comedy-ish show tonight when I heard a rather wonderful new phrase.

'But you're always saying how much you hate NPs,' the husband said.

What are NPs, I wondered? A moment later I was answered.

NPs are New People. And I hate them too.

Admittedly, it's not entirely their fault. Even I find it hard to attribute blame to everyone in the world who hasn't been part of my life yet for not being part of my life.

Especially since there is room for so few.

But there are days when I see that I have to ring someone I haven't spoken to before, or go down to reception to meet someone I haven't met before, and all I want to do is go, 'NO! NO NEW PEOPLE!'

I have met all the people that I need to meet in one lifetime. I feel like I should have a stamp on my forehead that makes this abundantly clear to all and sundry.

I'm not saying that I hate all people. I'm an introvert, not a monster.

I genuinely enjoy the company of some of the people that I already know. I enjoy them for minutes and minutes at a time. But once you have a few people in your life, there's less and less need for more of them to come crowding in.

Allocation full. Please apply elsewhere.

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