Sunday, 21 June 2015

3 ingredients

I learned an important lesson today.

If you're going to make a dozen scones using a new recipe that calls for only three ingredients, you should probably make sure they're in your pantry.

I do often improvise in recipes, but it's usually after having tried them straight at least once. And the recipes usually have a few more things tossed in there.

To be fair to me though, what really is the difference between greek yoghurt and lite vanilla yoghurt? They're both yoghurt. They both have... whatever is in yoghurt in them.

I mixed together the two and a quarter cups of flour. It was meant to be two and a half but I was at the bottom of the bag and I couldn't be bothered opening a new one and covering myself and the bench in that flour that's always caught in the top and goes flying everywhere when you pull it apart. I would've done it if I was a cup short, but a quarter. Who'd even notice?

Anyway, that's an easy adjustment. By putting in less cheese and less yoghurt it should have balanced out okay.

I've just remembered that I did also forget to put the extra half cup of cheese on the top of the scones after I dropped them onto the baking tray, but surely that didn't cause any trouble. It was just a topping.

After ten minutes the lovely smell of baking vanilla came wafting out of the kitchen.

The scones came out of the oven, and it was quite obvious that there was something wrong.

They were far too white for one thing, and far too flat for another. I tried putting them back into the oven, but although that should have cured the far too white aspect, it didn't really.

When I sliced them open they were gluey. I added butter, which is my instant cure-all for anything, but there was just no fixing the problem by that stage.

I had planned to store half of them in the freezer so I could pull them out progressively during the week for my lunch. After a taste test it was clear that plan was not going to go ahead. I want to look forward to lunch.

Instead my darling and I ate them all. Not all at once, but certainly all today.

Failure tastes very much like vanilla cheese scone dough.


  1. Well, maybe you made a brand new version of 'scone'. :)
    @dino0726 from 
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  2. Yes, not coming soon to a recipe book near you :)