Monday, 11 May 2015

Treadmill Blues.

I've had a concern ever since booking in my six months of unpaid recreation "other work" leave.

No, I mean on top of the concern that I won't utilise my time well and will have to go back to work with nothing to show for it but a tad less money.

Correct. I've been worried about exercise.

It's hard enough to get myself out of the house when I'm already out of the house at work. I don't know what's going to happen when I don't have that imperative either.

Thus, my first savings method (before I get my real monetized money saving plan going) is a savings on my waist line hopefully, and it came in the form of a treadmill.

There was a 3-5 day window for delivery, and after only 11 days it was actually delivered.

The ad said 'conveniently to your door' but it didn't quite make it that far.

'Anywhere inside the front door,' I instructed, and watched as that was interpreted as 'on the driveway where I have it already.'

By the time I realised that was where it was being left, I'd already signed the slip, and the two big grown men were heading back to their big grown truck.

Leaving me to manoeuvre it inside the house. By myself. A tiny woman.

(not really but my strength equates to a tiny woman, or maybe a big girl, so I'm gonna let that one slide)

It weighed 71kg.

That's the same weight as a fairly standard sized person. Not me, that's why I need a treadmill, but a standard person.

I'd always operated on the assumption that if a person was mysteriously murdered on my doorstep (not necessarily by me, that's what trials are for) I would be able to drag it inside to dispose of it using a blender, grinder, and a hell of a lot more elbow grease than breaking down a chicken requires.

Now I realise I'd have to murder the person discover the body inside in order to be able to break it down for easy disposal later in loosely tied supermarket bags in local parks which are frequented by dogs.

Even in an easily slideable box that treadmill was hard work. The delivery guy who distracted me while his mate dumped my box on the driveway had indicated as he left that it would be easier once the box was off.

He forgot to say easier than what.

Nevertheless, I persevered. And to show for it I now have a treadmill in the front room.

I was so excited to have unboxed it and connected it up correctly, that I even jogged on it for half an hour. The timer needs a bit of work because it insisted that it was only 3 minutes and 40 seconds, but I can just ignore that for the time being.

The best bit is that I can now safely ignore it and not feel guilty, because I'm not starting my new adventure into unpaid employment until September. Woo hoo.

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  1. Wow - it sounds like you already had a good workout just getting it in the house and set up, so no worries about only walking on it for 3 to 4 minutes. :)
    @dino0726 from 
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