Thursday, 28 May 2015

Those who can't, teach

It's been a while since I performed the two core duties that the majority of our unit performs.

When I was performing these duties, I kicked arse. Or, if you're a citizen of the United States of America, I kicked ass. Now I only have the memory of kicking arse (ass).

When asked specific questions, about a specific situation, I can usually stall for long enough by typing in numbers on a computer screen to bring up views that I probably don't need in order to internally trawl my memory for the few cells that contain information relevant to the problem at hand.

There is nothing that a few brain cells with a tad of memory can't fake to reliably impress upon someone that the situation they're striking is nothing new, we've been down this track before, and don't worry we can solve it.

Sometimes these things are even coincidentally true.

However, when new young minds are entrusted to my care and long hours are to be filled with the knowledge of how to do their job...

I'm not sure I can show my face again tomorrow.

A brief memory filtered through to my subconscious about three minutes into the training session that there was a reason I'd run full tilt screaming away from training as a career.

It wasn't the humans, although they're a definite drawback.

It wasn't the hours of preparation, because lets face it who can be bothered with preparation when winging it will do.

No, it was the intense sensation of loneliness you can feel when all eyes in the room are on you and you're somehow expected to know stuff.

Hey, I know stuff. I don't need to be cross examined about it every day by some wannabes, okay?

Thank goodness that tomorrow I'm going back to my good old 'Oh yes dear, don't worry, we've all had THAT error message before.'

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  1. My daughter-in-law will be teaching Geography this coming year. She's helped before but never ran her own class. I have confidence in you and in her. :)
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