Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Waiting rooms

Visiting my doctor is always an experience. Since the February earthquake knocked the doctors surgery down there's been a couple of moves, so the first part of the adventure is trying to remember which road they're now on.

Then there's the excitement of filling out an up-to-date questionnaire, which I will've filled out the previous time I visited, but I'll be asked to again because along with the building they also lost all of the patient records on file, and they're overcompensating.

Once I've been formed, and seated, I then look forward to a very, very long wait because I'm pretty sure she suffers from undiagnosed chronophobia.

Luckily I come prepared. I have my phone and therefore access to hours of fun from minions and farm heroes and candy.

Today, I even planned ahead and thought I'd get a bit of blogging done while I was whiling away the hours.

And this worked a treat. Just like the last time I carried work into the waiting room because it needed to get done, my appointment was miraculously on time.

Ah doctors. Just like a good old-fashioned inconvenience store.

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