Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The perfect day

Today was the perfect work day.

I turned up. Well before time. I am so awesome at turning up to work that I almost impress myself, and I'm hard to impress.

Someone else who usually doesn't turn up turned up before me so I didn't have to walk across the office in the dark wondering if the lights were going to work today. She'd already done it. Plus, I got to say 'Hello' to someone as soon as I arrived at work.

The coffee machine was broken.

Yeah, that sounds like a bad thing doesn't it? However, it forced me to have an instant coffee instead. I make instant coffee a lot stronger, and it effects me a lot quicker, than any machine coffee could. I was bouncing.

I forgot I had a coffee, and accidentally drank another coffee.


I did some work. I took my three week old list of things to do, which had a lot of things crossed out and a lot of things not crossed out, and transferred all the things not crossed out to a new list. Last of all I crossed out the line that said 'make a new to-do list.' It was to-done.

I caught an error I'd made and fixed it before anyone else caught it. It's as though the error never occurred. If I don't tell anyone it'll stay that way.

I answered some questions. I asked some questions. I read my emails, and then moved them into folders so I can find them again in the future if I need them and can remember that they were sent to me.

I authorised some cheques. I invited a meeting room to a meeting. I invited some people to the meeting which now had a meeting room to hold the meeting in.

I printed out some notes, then walked from the printer to my computer to the printer to the computer to the printer because it took so long for them to transmit from the computer to the printer. I printed in colour even though we have a sign saying not to print in colour unless you absolutely have to because it costs four times as much as black and white. I made the call. I absolutely had to. I stand by my decision.

I attended a meeting. The meeting ran slightly over, so I didn't really have a lot of time to do anything before I went for a team-building lunch.

I had lunch. I played almost two hours of Cards Against Humanity with my team before we grew too familiar with the cards for it to be as much fun as it had started out. A team member laughed so suddenly they inhaled lemonade. I ended up coughing for ten minutes because I'd laughed so hard my lungs plain wore out.

I went back to the office, and went straight into a talk where someone who I greatly admire at work took the time to give us a wonderful and emotional telling of the life and career path she'd followed to end up in the position she's in today.

As part of that I heard someone who I consider to be wonderful talk about how she struggles with 'imposter syndrome' whereby your internal monologue tells you all the time that you're not capable and sooner or later someone else is going to spot it and you'll be out on your ear.

It made me feel better about thinking that I'm incapable and will soon be spotted.

I had fifteen minutes left during which I tried to get something done, and ended up having a long swearing session at the computer system after calling it pretty, complimenting its dress sense, and commenting on how much weight SharePoint had lost lately, failed to make it respond in a timely matter.

I walked out of the office and down the road to the bus-stop. The wind was very strong and for one second the light skirt of my dress flipped up over my head so that I was fully exposed (except for my petticoat, tights, and underwear) and for a moment I felt like Marilyn Munroe. Sexy goddess Marilyn, not depressed druggie Marilyn.

While I was waiting for the bus all the autumn leaves that have been turning red and yellow and falling off the trees were picked up by a gale of wind and spun around in a breathless circle before being flung high in the air to patter down all around me.

It was a very good day.


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  2. Altogether, sounds like a pretty productive day. Your 'to do' list and mine are similar in that I'm always transferring the 'things not done' to the new 'to do list'. :)
    @dino0726 from 
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  3. Yes - the only problem is that when I have a nice new clean list I start adding things to the bottom of it again :)