Saturday, 25 April 2015

Pinning all my hopes

on Lotto tonight. Just sitting here waiting for the shiny balls to start jangling about in their big ball sack, before popping out the end into a little tube.

Always so exciting. Figuratively glued to the telly. Apart from taking a break to write this down right now, the screen has my full attention.

There's hosts on there at the moment, but I know they're coming. The balls of joy. The balls of happiness.

Money may not bring you happiness, but I'm kind of happy already, so making my life a whole lot easier could quite literally buy me the time to enjoy it.

Even if it doesn't work, I'd be the first to hold up my hand and say, I'll give it the good old Kiwi try.

They're spinning now. They're spinning.

If I look closely enough I can even see my lucky numbers spinning and jostling in order to make their way to the tube.

Ball One. Green 25. I have that. I'm a winner baby. Not really, I need a whole lot more before I'm even in the money, but at least I haven't ruled myself out yet.

(BTW they should definitely live tweet the Lotto numbers every week)

Okay. That was unexpected. Not the best of all things. Don't have a yellow 14.

Don't have a yellow 15 either.

Don't have a green 20; don't have a yellow 10.

Do have the bonus ball, but I've already trashed my ticket because that ain't gonna buy me happiness. It ain't gonna buy me love.

Just a minute, just a minute. I forgot there was the winning wheel number...

Oh, okay. I'll just get back to ripping up the ticket then.

Watch that happy couple spinning the wheel. $250,000. That would've been nice. Would've come in handy.

Damn you Lotto. Where's my gamblers anonymous card got to again?

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  1. haha - must be for some big money! I know it gets crazy around here when the pot grows large. Sorry you didn't win; better luck next week. :)
    @dino0726 from 
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