Sunday, 19 April 2015

Ahhhh... Stationery

Today I went on a hunt for a new box cutter. I thought we could get them at the supermarket, but when I searched for it on their app there was no such thing listed.

I tried under art knife in case they were being all fancy and stuff, but that didn't locate it either.

Unwilling to risk stepping inside an actual shop and encountering an actual shop assistant in my hunt, I turned to the World Wide Web in search of my prey.

You cannot buy a box cutter in New Zealand. There is not a .nz .kiwi or site listed that has a box cutter in its inventory.

And yet we do have box cutters. Maybe it's some sort of weird 9/11 thing where the box cutting industry is trying to distance themselves from terrorism (much the same way Kool Aid tries desperately to point out that it was Flavor Aid used in Jonestown people; Flavor Aid) but I finally located them under the name cutter snap blade knife.

Well that's... descriptive.

After telling this fascinating story to my darling (oh, how the long summer evenings just fly by) he went into the spare bedroom and returned with a drawer full of old stationery. There were staples, more staples, a stapler (lucky), a hole punch, a cheap compass and an expensive compass, paper clips, and a full collection of felt tip pens that despite being at least twenty years old worked perfectly well.

I clapped my hands with excitement and ran over as he excavated these items from the general mess they'd tangled themselves into.

I don't know what it is about stationery, but it always seems to make the world a better place. That, and a glass of Kool Aid while you're scoring your pork belly with a cutter snap blade knife.

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  1. Hi there - I bet it is a 9/11 thing for the reason you couldn't locate the box cutter. Too bad, because generally you would not think this to be the weapon of choice for terrorists. :)