Monday, 17 November 2014

Power Breathing

As I was struggling up a steep hill (okay, okay, a gently sloping incline) the other day I lamented the days where I didn't struggle for each breath.

It reminded me vividly of the time where my doctor and I thought I may have asthma, but turned out that my lungs just objected to clean air after years of breathing in increasingly expensive smoke.

This further reminded me of a torture device that I'd briefly used until I was able to suck in a full lungful of air (and stopped panicking that I would die full-time - back to part-time baby.)

It's called a power-breathe. There's a mouthpiece that encourages salvation just looking at it, and some plastic and screws and coils.

The handle screws around to different levels, each providing a new level of resistance. You place your mouth at one end, and attempt to breath in thirty breaths in one session.

It's harder than it sounds.

Here's a picture.

That was so I could say it's also harder than it looks.

In theory by using it twice a day you build up the muscles around your lungs so they have an easier time getting air into you. In practice too.

I promise to have a session with the machine religiously morning and night until my ability to breathe while walking improves.

And by religiously I mean I'm an atheist.

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