Saturday, 1 November 2014

Morning walks and weird thoughts

This morning I once again climbed a hill. I know, will I ever learn?

Once again I piked out before completing half of our old trail. On the bright side my heart rate got really high and my breathing got really laboured. Why's that the bright side, you ask? Because someone in a gym once told me it was, that's why.

Yeah, okay you caught me. That's a total lie. I've never stepped inside a gym! Someone who enters gyms came out of one once and told me that.

It got me thinking of an article I'd read years ago. It was about a woman who was stabbed as she was jogging around Nunweek Park. Nasty bit of business. The police said you should never exercise so much that you couldn't run away.

That's stayed with me, that has. Often, when I'm walking down Condell Avenue I think of it. I think of it then because that's when I'm so knackered from walking home that I probably couldn't run away.

And, out of breath on what's meant to be a nice morning walk, it buzzed around in the back of my mind like an Aussie fly.

The bright side these days is that I no longer need to worry about this piece of advice. I tried to run for the bus a few weeks back. I hadn't exercised at all prior to it. Not at all. That's also a fair description of how my attempt to run worked out. Not at all. Unless the point was to entertain and amuse the bus driver that is, in which case it worked a treat.

It turned out in the end that the woman in Nunweek park stabbed herself. Not a random "truck driver" at all. That's also a bit of comfort to my strained and aching heart.

No matter how fast you can run, you can't outrun yourself.

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