Saturday, 20 September 2014

Today I worked out my major plot sticking point. #amwriting #amawesome

Today instead of actual writing I thought about writing. Thought hard. There was a big gap between the middle of my story and the end of my story. I knew there were things she should be doing, and things that had to happen, and things that had to be revealed, but no real idea of how those things were going to transfer from vague ideas in my head onto the page.

But now I've cracked it.

Coincidentally I've also decided that it's just as important to take long walks on the beach as it is to do actual writing. They obviously help. And since I'm soon coming back to Christchurch where walking on the beach is inconvenient and cold, I should make the most of the beach that I currently have.

I may have sorted out my storyline, but I'm obviously not going to get much time to actually write for the rest of my holiday. Not now I have a task-list.

Until I fly back on Wednesday feel free to interpret #amwriting as #ambeachwalking - in my mind they're now the same thing.

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