Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Oh the burn, the burn

I have been experiencing beautiful sunshine the last two days at Mission Beach. (oh yes, I'm on holiday – did I not mention that?) The first couple of days there were numerous overcast periods (really putting the rain back into rain-forest) although the bright yellow disc has been making an experience for a few hours here and there nevertheless. But yesterday and today there was sun from the moment we got up (after waiting for four hours for it to rise due to some inability of Australia to keep to NZ time) until the moment we go to bed (making the assumption that the next hour or two will continue to be glorious.)

However, I've discovered the drawback that I discover each year due to my reckless disregard for learning lessons from history. The warm glow I had after my swim and consequential lie in the sun to dry my swimsuit (because I'm all into solar power at the moment) has subsequently turned into a burny red glow. Ah yes. Hello sunburn my old friend, it's not good to meet with you again.

So with the temperature edging up around 29 degrees outside I have now stupidly added a few more degrees virtue of my skin.

It will teach me to be more careful with the sunscreen over the next couple of days, but I do wonder if there's something in the back of my mind screaming out "But it looks so awesome when you get a tan. Just a little one. Just this once!"

And it's true that a tan – a real one not an orange one thanks – does still look pretty damn awesome. Especially when you spend most of the year pale blue where the only tinge of colour comes from occasional bursts of high blood pressure. I just need to keep in mind that my tan won't look so awesome when grotesque moles and melanomas start popping up all over it.

Example of Grotesque Mole

Actually - that doesn't look too bad. Hmmmmmm.

(ps if you're a burglar and you know where I live I can assure you I'm most definitely NOT on holiday. Nope. I'm sitting in my lounge right now. With a knife. In the dark. Waiting for you. Well, do you feel lucky punk?)

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