Monday, 15 September 2014

New website (partially) can be found on

Taking a break from long walks on the beach, investigating randomly shaped pieces of driftwood that look rude if you pretend you're a three-year old and eating, I actually produced something of value today.

First up, a logo, because something something brand something blah blah need one.

Just wait till I get that plastered on a t-shirt! Or a business-card. Or something else printable and stuff. I quite like the idea of wandering around the office with my own brand emblazoned across my fabulous chest. I hope I have the choice of princess-cut to hide my equally fabulous ice-cream filled belly.

My website is not quite finished. There's a page missing, now what was it? That's right - the homepage. But there's a blog with one post on it (because I haven't got around to sending the others yet) and a reviews page with one review (because I haven't got around to sending the others yet.)

But you can still see all the ideas and thought that's gone into it, in one morning. Yeah, alright, there may be a few changes coming in the next couple of weeks. But still - website, domain name, social media stuff - I might even confuse myself for a business if I'm not careful. Yeah, write that one off against the profit column Doris. What do you mean what profit column? Are you having a laugh? Oh, I see. We are far from breaking even let alone...

I have a new website!!!

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