Monday, 8 September 2014

Milestones (and missed deadlines)

40,000 words reached this morning so I'm somewhere between half-way and two-thirds of the way through my first draft. A wonderful milestone to reach - or at least it'll do until I reach the actual milestone I should be at now which is a fully completed first draft. A deadline already well postponed from the original one at the end of July, and possibly pushing back publications date to next year unless I get my skates on.

Never mind. As Douglas Adam's used to say 'I love deadlines - I love the wooshing noise they make as they go by.'

At least my teenage character is starting to behave herself, and is even showing up places and participating in scene's in a way I'm envisaging beforehand. Is it her, or is it me? Maybe it's both of us? (it's her)

At this rate I may be able to spend more time reading than writing on holiday. That would be a fine treat! My to-read pile continues to grow, though since moving to Kindle it's far easier for it to get out of hand because you don't have to move the furniture to encompass it. Still, it's also easier to give one up and just hit the delete button - not nearly as guilt and failure inducing as lugging a pile of half-read books to the local school for a fundraiser. And not nearly as hard as forcing yourself through something you don't want to read just because you bought the damn thing and it's sitting on the floor recriminating you every time you step over it.

But, onto better and brighter thoughts. Monday over - only four days to go before FREEDOM FOREVER!!! For a fortnight. Then BACK TO WORK!!!

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