Thursday, 25 September 2014

Liquid Diets and #weightloss

While I was on holiday this year (oh, were you on holiday kathay? Why yes, thanks for asking, I was) I attempted a new take on dieting. Previously my motto has been to restrict myself for a few days until my willpower goes, and then binge. Instead, I thought this time I'd stick mainly to a liquid diet in order to keep myself nice and trim.

The liquid I chose (not the demon drink - I'm in recovery you know) was ice-cream.

I'm aware that this seems to be solid in appearance but since it melts as soon as it hits the warmth of your mouth-cave I thought it definitely qualified. Besides, it may be made of fat and sugar, but how heavy is the average ice-cream? You'll actually have to insert the weight here because I've never held one in my hand without being eaten for long enough to weigh. But you get my point, right? They're not heavy.

Unlike me.

I thought that my consumption during the long hot holiday was looking something like this...

Turns out it looks more like this...

And with the amount of insect bites I have on my lower legs I'm left wondering this...

And you know what I'm going to be like on Monday?

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