Sunday, 28 September 2014

HAPIness with HAPIfork

In order to make my first day back at work less grim, I had the forethought to order a nice gift to welcome me back to the office. As an added benefit this morning I was so caught up with unhappiness that my holiday was over, that I forgot completely and therefore it was like a surprise gift.

A surprise gift that had been thoughtfully pre-opened by customs to make sure there weren't any nasties hiding in it.

I unwrapped and slit open, and pulled out, and slit, pulled, opened, untwisted, pulled, and I had a HAPIfork in my hot little hand.

For those of you who don't know, a HAPIfork is a wonderful invention that electrocutes you when you eat too fast. Think of me as one of Pavlov's dogs, and electrocution as a bell, and I'm salivating already!

Here is a picture...

I picked green because... nature?

I'm so looking forward to lunch tomorrow. I couldn't use it today until I took it home and loaded up stuff on my computer and charged up my fork, but tomorrow...

Bite. Ouch. Bite. OUCH. Bite. OUCH!!!

Oh the fun will be endless.

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