Tuesday, 16 September 2014

#amwriting about a Cassowary at Mission Beach (a real one not the statue)

Today I saw a real cassowary. In the flesh. And feathers. And the funny knobby thing on top of its head so it won't knock itself out if it runs straight into a tree at speed.

We came to an intersection after going on a trip to the Supermarket (I know, I know - our holidays are packed full of super-exciting stuff) and we wondered what the hell the dicks in the blue car were up to as they were sitting in the middle of their lane about twenty metres away from the intersection. It's not like we're in Italy where that sort of parking is acceptable.

What they turned out to be doing was watching a cassowary. They drove off and we subsequently pulled to a stop so we could have our own moment to act like Italians while tracing the journey of an almost mythical creature (by FNQ standards.)

Here it is...

And yes I do realise I have terrible photo skills thank you very much for asking. I was just lucky to have my phone on me at all because in holiday mode I forget that I have it, and even if I have it I've also often forgotten that it also needs to be charged occasionally. I'm on a break from Farm Heroes too.

We came over to Cairns and Mission Beach for seven years before we saw our first cassowary, and now we've seen two in two years. Or one twice. I'm not familiar enough with the birds, and have no photographic record of the first (see I told you I was lucky to have my phone) so I can't compare.

Splendid days! Now I just need to see a few kangaroos and we'll be set for our annual zoological target.

(and that stuff about Italian parking is not like racist or stereotyping you know. That's based on keen observation from the viewpoint of a tourist bus over an extended seven day period. Over twelve years ago. I'm pretty sure it's still accurate. Quite sure. A bit sure?)

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