Friday, 5 September 2014

Advance voting

This week I got the chance to experience advance voting for the first time. We're going away on holiday next week so we'll miss all the fun of voting day. Hopefully we can still stream a bit of the election night fun over in Aussie.

We tried to find out what we'd need to take to the voting booth. Our plane tickets? Our passports? Maybe we'd have to sign some sort of statutory declaration to affirm that we were indeed going to be unable to make it to a voting booth on the actual election day?

Turns out no.

We did need to repeat our names a couple of times to the sole electoral employee manning the booth, and he did have to mark next to our names to make sure that we didn't vote again, but that was it. Two ticks behind the counter and we're done.

No queues. No waiting. No verification. I'm keeping this in mind for the next election.

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