Monday, 18 August 2014


Well, I no longer have impacted ear-wax in my right ear. Yah. That's because I didn't have it to start with. Boo. Having put olive oil into my ear for the last four nights - yuck - I discovered today that instead of a timely reward of hearing, balance and remission of nausea, I instead have earned fluid in my middle ear, vertigo and nasal spray. That should fix it right up. Nasal spray. Not that I'm congested in any way, except for my middle ear, and not that nasal spray seems to do a lot except get my heart rate up. I know it's going to fix it up though, because no one at the hearing clinic knew anything else to try. And what's the deal with not having any OTC anti-emetics in New Zealand? What do they think I'm going to do? Go off on a nausea-inducing spree? Thanks people. Now I can either grin and bear it, try to pretend that ginger has far more curative powers than it does, or pay my lovely doctor another expensive visit which may or may not result in a prescription. The world would work so much better if I ran it. (go on - let me)
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